Who is Benjamin McCulloch?

Thanks for asking!

Firstly, I’m NOT a brigadier general in the army of the Confederate States during the American Civil War, and Steve Earle hasn’t written a song about me! If you meet me you’ll discover I’m open-minded, peaceful and creative!

Ahem. Back to the point:

I’m a sound thinker; I understand the world through sound and have devoted my life to learning more about audio so that I can make wonderful sounding things. I also think soundly, which is to say that I follow a method and try to be transparent with my collaborators.

I’m an audio specialist . I’ve worked in post-production for film, TV and commercials where I recorded Sean Bean for The Martian and I edited dialogue and music for the Philips Breathless Choir commercials, winner of the Pharma Grand Prix at Cannes 2016 among many other projects.

I make video game soundtracks. I’ve edited and recorded dialogue for AAA games, and I love to work on indie games. I made sound design and a trailer for the Czech train sim Mashinky and I’m currently working on other projects.

I was Audio Lead for RWS Moravia; one of the world’s biggest localization companies. Then I decided I really want to focus myself on video games and conversation design, so I offered that I would stay long enough to find and train a replacement.

I’m a conversation designer; ready to take this new field into the future one robotic baby step at a time. It seems clear to me that audio expertise is only going to become more relevant in this field as competition heats up. TTS with occasional sound effects just won’t cut it when rich audio experiences become standard. I can make wonderful sounding things and I’m learning everything I can to apply myself to this exciting new area!